Printed Glass Doors

If you really want to personalise your sliding wardrobe doors and make a big impact in any room, we are able to print any image you like on to the doors. This is your opportunity to make a bold statement and create a real focal point in the room. Floral, landscapes, family, pets or idols – you choose! This is a brilliant option for children, teenagers and adults alike. Maybe your son has a favourite footballer who he idolises? Or your daughter is just crazy about ponies? Provide us with a high quality image and we can create sliding wardrobe doors that are completely unique to you. The image can be used to fill an entire door panel or if you prefer, you can have it printed on just a certain section.

Whilst we are very adept and skilled at producing printed sliding wardrobe doors, we can only work with the quality of the image you provide us. We are unable to enhance images that you supply, so please make sure you provide us with a high quality image. Also try to ensure that the image you supply is not out of focus as when printed, any out of focus images will be exaggerated due to the image size being increased to fit your door panel.


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