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Ikea Cyprus has become a strong part of the bedroom furniture industry on the island. They have a large range of bedroom furniture available but do they offer bespoke tailor made bedroom furniture? The simple answer is NO.

Sliding Wardrobe Direct will custom make your bedroom furniture to suit your exact requirements, we tailor make the sliding wardrobes to your colour choice, your own design and also the size to fit your aperture.

Ikea Cyprus have a huge range of products available for the home from bedroom furniture to kitchen units and sofas, but they do not offer custom wardrobes and help you create exactly what you want in your bedroom.

We want to give you the personal experience at Sliding Wardrobe Direct and help your create the perfect design for your bedroom furniture.

Our ranges come in over 1000 different designs and should you not find exactly what you are looking for we will create it for you.

Here is an example to compare Ikea Cyprus to Sliding Wardrobe Direct, we picked out the Pax wardrobe from Ikea and looked at the specifications and created a comparison.

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Sliding Wardrobe Cyprus

ikea cyprus vs sliding wardrobe direct

Sliding Wardrobe Nicosia

The Pax wardrobe by Ikea Cyprus is 200cm wide x 236cm high, it is a standard set size. It comes flat packed so you will have to work out for yourselves how to build it. It comes as a 2 door wardrobe with a split panel design of white and black glass and a silver frame, the carcass is plain white with a standard depth of 66cm. The price for this (collection only) is around 850 euro.

If we now compare the Ikea Cyprus wardrobe to Sliding Wardrobe Direct we can see the added value.

The Gamma Wardrobe can be made to suit a height of up to 265cm and up to 240cm wide, the depth can be whatever you require. So already you are getting a larger wardrobe to fit into a specific space.

The doors will be the same design of black and white glass with a silver frame. The interior would consist of the same as the Pax wardrobe by Ikea Cyprus.

The total cost delivered here is around 900 euro, So you would get a larger wardrobe, tailor made, delivered for the same price.

Another point to consider that is whilst Ikea Cyprus does offer a delivery service, it is quite expensive. Generally customers will travel to the store itself to choose and collect their items. Depending on from which city you are travelling from, this can amount to quite a journey, costing you fuel and time. For example travelling from Paphos to Ikea in Nicosia is around 140km each way and could take you over 1.5 hours. A round trip of over 3 hours! You also have to give consideration as to whether the items you are buying will fit in your car, this is especially true if you are buying flat packed sliding wardrobes!

With Sliding Wardrobe Direct, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home in order to choose and design your perfect bedroom furniture. We will then deliver the items to you, for you to install yourself if you wish to or we can arrange for one of our trained technicians to carry out all the installation for you. It’s as simple and stress free as that.

Don’t waste time checking Ikea opening hours and then driving for ages to get there, then being forced to walk through the whole store in order to find what you went there for in the first place! Contact us at Sliding Wardrobe Direct and allow us to deliver you a professional, quick and smooth service from start to finish.

Call us today on 7000 0076 and a member of our team will help you.

ikea cyprus vs sliding wardrobe direct

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