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Clever wardrobe storage for your home

1. Clearing out the wardrobe
Try to be as honest as you can with yourself, if something in the wardrobe has not been worn for over a year, it’s more than likely it will not be worn again. Statistics show we only use 20% of the clothing in our wardrobe!

2. Keep everything in view
Make sure that everything in your wardrobe can be seen, if it can’t be seen you won’t wear it. Ensure that the items of clothing you wear the most are easy to get to, try and organise them in order i.e. shirts, t shirts, trousers, sweaters all together.

3. Storage space
If you have a small wardrobe with very little space inside then keep your out of season clothes on a top shelf, using plastic boxes keeps them protected and tidy.

4. The 1 in 1 out guide
When you have arranged the inside of your wardrobe, you will have a good idea what is in there and what you will be wearing for the season. If you keep to the 1 in 1 out guide you will not start cluttering the wardrobe space. When you buy something new throw out something old, it will only end up at the back of the wardrobe.

5. Planning you clothing
You can save so much time by planning what you are going to wear for the week, organise everything in the wardrobe and divide them up with an empty clothes hanger.

In Cyprus our summer season is long compared to a lot of countries. Keeping your wardrobe in order can help a lot when deciding what to wear in the hot months. To find out more about our storage solutions CLICK HERE

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